Towards Ekiti 2018 Gubernatorial: Ojudu Receives a Messianic Welcome in Ekiti


*Welcomed like a True Messiah

*Welcomed with Drums and Gongs

Today will go down in the history of the sprawling city of Ado Ekiti as the people flicked their true color about what to expect of them in the coming elections when they trooped out en masse to receive their son and political hero, Babafemi Ojudu.

For those still wondering whether the sons and daughters of Ado Ewi actually wanted their own to be the next Ekiti Governor, then you haven’t heard the news. It was indeed a practical demonstration of ERO Witi Witiiii…ESE o gb’ero show at the large Fajuyi Hall, which was filled beyond capacity. Everyone and anyone with the interest of Ado, and by extension, Ekiti, at heart, came to catch a glimpse of Senator Babafemi Ojudu’s homecoming and how his people received him.

A man advanced in age said he came personally to receive Ojudu, his “son”, recalling that the last time an Ado son was a governor was when Adekunle Fajuyi was the military governor of the Old Western Region, and he still remembered vividly how strong, determined, loyal and sincere to a worthy course he was, yet bad people did not allow him to last. But this time around, he said, “our son will get there, and he will govern us well.” Individually, and collectively, they all promised to rally round their homeboy and ensure that he becomes the next governor of the state. I also overheard someone saying, o pe kaa ti sin’ri olori, in kan ri je a ya sin tira naa lereeee o(We have long been supporting sons that are not ours; let us come on this time around to support our own son).

Ojudu assured his omiyes(kinsmen and Ekiti people) in Ado that he wasn’t just running because he was looking for a soft cushion to put his head on, neither was he running because of what he would eat, nor the house he would live, but because he has seen the suffering of his people and he is prepared to do everything within his power to rescue them from Fayose’s oppressive regime.

He promised his people not to allow Fayose go scot free with the serial impunities he had engaged in. Fayose, he said, has greatly offended the people of Ekiti State, and he, Ojudu will surely make him pay for his sins.

“Like the Biblical Moses, Homeboy Babafemi Ojudu said he has come to tell Fayose and his oppressive regime to “Let my people go!”
If you’re still one of those believing that Ojudu is not a Super Hero among his Ado people, I’ll advise you to perish the thought henceforth. Agbonrin esi lo nje l’obe niyen o( like deceiving oneself) And if you’re still trying to circulate the unsubstantiated rumor that Ojudu Lahun, well, you dare not say it where an Oponu Ado(true son) is.

Congratulations to all Ado sons and daughters who have now seen the light and boldly support their worthy son, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, as the next governor of Ekiti State. Edi o ni do awa to ku o.
Irepodun-Ifelodun, Ikere, Ikole, Oye, Moba, Ekiti West, Ekiti South-West, Ekiti East, Gbonyin, Efon, Emure, Ido-Osi, Ijero, Ikole, Ilejemeje, Ise-Orun, ki la nsi nduro de?(What are you still waiting for?)

Ibi ki Ado so isu si i ni kin mo je a ba an gun o. Ado people have shown us the light, may we others not choose darkness o.
Report filed by Segun Dipe, Irepodun-Ifelodun LGA.




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