Reliable sources at the Ekiti APC SW Leaders caucus meeting with Aspirants held at Lagos House at Abuja on Tuesday indicated the dramatic meeting’s highlight was when the state party Chairman informed the leaders of the recent drama playing back at his home state.

Indeed, after news filtered into the meeting that some fetish Materials had been put to the state party headquarters the National Leader fuming was said to have threatened to ensure everyone captured on camera and their sponsors were doomed and would be expelled.

In addition, he light-heartedly commented that he could reverse the charms in such fetish deposits and make it detrimental to the depositor as an elder. This naturally relaxed the meeting. However, he went on to emphasize and asked the party chairman in the state to compile a list of the agitators for immediate discipline.

As at the time of going to press, it was learned that Dr. Kayode Fayemi who sponsored the sack led by one Mr. Ogunjobi was alarmed by this turn of event and quickly abandoned the meeting to begin to hide his tracks and relationship to the matter.

Furthermore, Fayemi was said to have embarrassed himself at the meeting when he threatened to walk out and was called to order by both Baba Akande and Asiwaju who dared him to do so – and indicated this would be the end of his already inglorious career. The gap-toothed former governor who lost his state woefully in 2014 to incumbent Governor Fayose was said to have also been chastised for being too arrogant not just by the leaders but other co-Aspirants who later voted for Option A4 primaries.

Reporting from Igbara Odo

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