Political Influence at The Risk of No Personal Growth


How Political Parties Stunt or Facilitate Your Growth

You must agree with this: A democratic government is excellent, only when its politics instills a due process ethics.

Advanced countries are able to develop faster because they embrace fascinating politics’ ideas. Reason for this is simple.

You would observe this in how UNO (United Nations Organization) rates nations, in ranks. UNO rates nations high according to nations’ Human Development Indices. The Human Development Index measures a certain people’s health and education standards. You know, there has never been a good city without a good set of people.

Therefore, you need a good leader to make you what you should become in your environment. You need a leader who will create an atmosphere where you will be able to stretch your potentials to the limits. Then, you need a good education. Access to quality health services is equally important, to your living. A good leader will bring these close to you.

Notably, a robust health projects you to accomplish a destiny. Then you need some education to compliment your health, towards fulfilling a destiny. ‘That which is not an ordinary man’s destiny, but that of a high capacity personality.’

How do you get the growth ingredients that will make you qualify for a high net worth human being? Leadership. But what will bring forth a good leader?

You need a good leader to provide you accesses to quality health and education.

A fair political process of a party produces an excellent leader: Now ponder on this, who is a good leader? It takes a fair political process to mold a good leader.

Indeed, leaders are as good as the political parties that produce them, period. It as simple as this, you only get a piece of gold when you take a precious metal through a “refinement process.” Political parties anchor political processes, especially in nations that practice democracy. Rightly said, inculcating kindly political ethics always help parties produce visionary leaders.

Ekiti: Now, let’s go to Ekiti State, Nigeria. A Governorship election is coming in the state. And all hands are on deck. The state’s political parties are getting set for the election. They’re all getting prepared for a once in a four-year time governorship election.

Anointing Politics: Politics shouldn’t follow a chieftaincy pattern. With little or no mistaking, you would observe clear political errors in political camps of the State, especially in PDP. But APC, All Progressives Congress, stands out tall.

Even in the face of political mismanagement currently rocking the state, APC is an exception.

Dis-accords among same political party members are much pronounced and loud. As a party, ‘discords are what you get when inculcating bad democratic morals.’ A major contender in the race is PDP, People Democratic Party.

For example, PDP umpire in the state is hell-bent on lording an anointed candidate over an army of other aspirants. What does this mean to you?

Breakdowns of APC governorship aspirants according to the state’s geopolitical zones: That is APC aspirants-applicants who have paid the party’s governorship nomination prescribed fees.
Ekiti South = 11

Ekiti Central=7

Ekiti North= 7

Ekiti South: Gbonyin LGA,3, Ekiti East LGA,2, Ikere LGA,3, Ise-Orun,1, and Emure,2. Ekiti Central: Ado, LGA, 1, Irepodun-Ifelodun LGA, 2, Efon LGA, 2, and Ijero LGA, 2. Ekiti North: Oye LGA, 5, and Ido-Osi LGA, 2.
Note: LGA means Local Government Area.

APC stands out: In contrast, APC is very determined to ensure a free ground for all aspirants. It only believes in a truly democratic process, free of imposition. Accordingly, only this kind of political process can produce an excellent leader. Thus, in its political fairness, APC accepts aspirants from every corner of the State.(See the breakdowns)

The purpose will be to reveal “the gold” among aspirants. And, a truly fair party election is like a refinement process.

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