At a delegate meeting held behind closed doors in Gbonyin on Tuesday, Minister of Solid Minerals and APC Gubernatorial aspirant – Dr. Kayode Fayemi popularly known as JKF spoke clearly and succinctly for the first time about why he was running to be the APC flag-bearer in the upcoming Gubernatorial contest.

Despite elusiveness during his declaration and meetings with former cabinet members at the run-up to the same, Dr. Fayemi said he was running to prevent Segun Oni from pulling a “Saraki” in Ekiti State.

Speaking to his top supporters including former Chief of Staff, Chief Adaramodu he made it clear he was running because of emerging indications that Segun Oni is the likely dark horse candidate being backed by his arch enemy, Governor Ayo Fayose in the party primaries.

He further said, “Mr. President cannot be disgraced at the National Assembly and disgraced in Ekiti. Chief Oni is a mole planted by the “coalition” sponsored by Obasanjo that has finally entered unholy alliance in Ekiti with Fayose”.

He went on to spit fire by saying, “Obasanjo is up to his mischief in Ekiti again, and Oni is his boy”.

These facts were further corroborated by the breaking news earlier today that Engineer Oni received new lease of life in terms of funding from Governor Fayose. It won’t be the first time that Oni, Obasanjo and Fayose would align against President Buhari, as they once did as party leaders of PDP in 2003 to 2007.

Sources also confirmed that this new alliance by them may not be unconnected with the President’s insistence that current Party Exco dissolve which might have angered Engineer Oni who views it as a backup option when he loses.  This as Olusegun Obasanjo is desperately trying to avoid public embarrassment as a result of his famously mocked letters that have now been ridiculed when the President visited the United States and in the colloquium organized for Asiwaju Tinubu in Lagos.

Indeed, Ex-Governor Segun Oni is a natural coalition member given the leadership of political mentors like General Obasanjo, General Oyinlola among many other militicrats who are naturally uneasy with the likes of JKF that fought NADECI battles in exile while they rotted in Abacha’s jail.

The facts emerging about an Oni-Fayose deal also appears to be finally strengthening JKF on the field in the last days of the campaign especially among core APC members who still recall the deaths that shook the foundations of the party when Fayemi and Oni duelled it out in 2007 to 2010 which ultimately resulted in the installation of the former.

Former associates of Fayemi, however, nudged him further why he would come out so late considering the public abandonment he treated them to after his massive loss which APC is still yet to recover from. In response, Fayemi was said to have boasted that Ekiti Primaries were never one man and one vote; and that “federal might will make me win, whether you people like it or not”.

The meeting dissolved thereafter with many of these associates feeling blues over his claims but equally confused by the Oni debacle.

Reporting Live from Ise-Orun

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