Breaking! Ondo Imposition: Fayemi , Aketi under EFCC Surveillance as Workers Groan on May Day, President Kicks. 


As Ondo and Ekiti State workers continue to groan under excessive salaries owed, the Economic Financial Crimes Commission may have opened a new case file on troubled Governor of Ondo state, Mr. Akeredolu.

Aketi, as the Governor is popularly called is known to be working in cahoot with the former Governor of Ekiti State now seeking the party’s ticket after losing it in 2014. A recent court judgment that reopens the wound of the primaries in Ondo state in 2016 which he rigged is now the albatross of his avarice for power at all costs.

Indeed, aside from Ekiti indigenes resisting Dr. J.K. Fayemi, a new dimension to his travails may be the current surveillance initiated by the EFCC on his financial dealings as Minister including collecting slush funds from contractors to prosecute his gubernatorial ambitions.

The FSIU particularly is said to be hot on the trail of monies transferred from Ondo state coffers to Fayemi and his agents, designed to bribe delegates as Aketi seem to be struggling to justify continued expenditure in the face of delegates lukewarmness to his friend’s ambition.

Despite counting on Federal might, it appears Dr. Fayemi may be getting Federal Cold Shoulder as the President is insisting on free and open primaries especially at least five of his appointees seem to be in the race. In addition to this, part of the President’s displeasure and open backing of Mr. Oshiomole over current chairman Chief Oyegun for the post of party Chairman last week was because of a clear intelligence report indicting the later for collecting 300 million Naira from Dr. Fayemi to rig the primaries in favor.

To further buttress his anger, the President told a National Leader of the party last week in no uncertain terms before he left to the United States, that he won’t campaign for a “compromised candidate”. He also instructed the same leaders to ensure Ekiti primaries go well and no favorites are installed promoting the National Leader to promise that he will be on the ground in Ekiti for the primaries.

Watchers have indicated that the President ’s reference is likely to be a continuation of a familiar pattern in state elections when the President refused to campaign when candidates were tainted as it was in Bayelsa and Kogi states. Would Fayemi risk this? Can Delegates in Ekiti APC risk this outcome?

Civil servants with whom our correspondents spoke to on May Day in Akure are extremely bitter that Governor Akeredolu will spend billions to prosecute a phantom project of installing Fayemi in Ekiti even while owing staff between 6-18 months salaries even as crude oil prices rise and the state revenue from 13% derivation increase to the consternation of observers.

It may appear thus that delegates in Ekiti may have to seek to re-assert their independence from old Ondo state influences even as the rivalry for who secured the APC flag is hotly contested locally.

Reporting Live from Omuo Ekiti

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