Fayemi Schemes to use Engr Kayode Ojo as a Protégé Governor – “I rejected the Offer”-Kayode Ojo


*No longer certain of the federal support, which he has on several times boasted about

*Wants Kayode Ojo to emerge, so that he may rule indirect through him

It has come to our notice that Dr. Fayemi has been making some underground moves to withdraw from Ekiti race.

Fayemi a former governor of Ekiti state and current minister is said to be considering a change of stand on his ambition.

According to sources, his change of stand is coming from the realization of the fact that federal support might not be there for him, at the last minutes. Thus, as a result, he has contacted Engr.Kayode Ojo for a ‘special collaboration’ between the duos, a source explained. Engr. kayode Ojo is one of the aspirants jostling for APC governorship ticket in Ekiti.

According to the source, the governor wants to withdraw from the race, but not without replacing himself with a trusted protege. According to the not-sure-to succeed game plan, the protege will be a client-governor. That is a governor that will be on government seat to rule on behalf of the erstwhile governor.

In practical terms, Fayemi will be the one dictating the tunes of actions for the client- governor. Substantiating this Mr. Deji Aiyelabowo, in a statement circulated to the press said: ‘Dr. Fayemi was considering opting out of the governorship race’. He stated further that, “Fayemi is willing to fuse into Kayode Ojo’s organization”.

Kayode Ojo’s media man, Deji Aiyelabowo, stressed further that Fayemi is willing to direct all his supporters to work for Kayode Ojo. “It was proposed that Fayemi’s supporter will be willing to work for Engr. Kayode Ojo with the agreement that they will adequately be compensated on assumption of office in October 2018”. Deji Aiyelabowo, confirmed.

Also, it was said that certain sources privy to the embattled ex-governor have made him see the crass uncertainty in his trusted federal backing.

From all indications, it appears the federal government is withdrawing its endorsement, for the erstwhile governor. A source said. Dr. Fayemi Federal endorsement is said to have suffered as a result of the corruption case filed against him by governor Fayose. And the ex-governor is seeking a last-minute solution so as not to lose it all, on its ambition.

According to sources, the federal government does not want to risk chances by supporting Fayemi whose popularity has been battered on account of the charges against him. According to Oluwafemi Adewolu, a user on social media, Fayemi has fallen out of favor with the federal powers.

“In line with the anti-corruption policy of the administration, president Buhari has made it clear to Dr. Fayemi that he would not travel to Ekiti state to campaign for him if he wins the APC primary. This is on the ground that he has been charged to court for corruption by Ekiti state government”.  Oluwafemi Adewolu said.




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