After Bad Day, Fayemi Change Tactics to Deception & Kidnap

Latest information reaching us from the field indicate that the Dr. Kayode Fayemi team seem to be having a really bad day on the eve of the Ekiti State APC primaries. After being earlier disgraced at the aspirant meeting with Governor Al Makura, it appears the minister and war strategist under various criminal investigations decided to swing to Plan B. 

Picture of Buses at Ishan Used for the Deception Operation

Several of the coaster buses parked at his Ishan home swept into deception mode, by tricking delegates to travel on the hired vehicles guarded by anti-terrorist police in a red beret. Indeed, as the vehicle approached Akure and continued towards Owo as several delegates screamed to be released. Those delegates further tried to escape when they arrived at Owo housed in high walled compound procured by Ondo State Governor who is from the ancient town.

It was reported that a lot of the delegates were shabbily treated, PVC collected and felt forced to remain behind in Owo overnight even as various fetish procedures are being planned to enforce the will of Governor Fayemi. As at the time of going to press, at least seven confirmed delegates have called report being “kidnapped” to Owo even as several others reported to have been briefly stationed in Igbara Odo.

One Alhaja Aladetuyi, in Ward 8 Ikole almost fell for the deceptive ploy at Ilawe pick up a site for the Owo trip but beat a quick retreat when she was asked to give up her PVC. She later came to report the activities of deceptive actors at Ikole Ekiti APC office warning other delegates to avoid such tryst.

In addition to this, delegates in Ado, as well as Ilejemeje and Ikere, reported the same movement severally. Ado delegates were on their way back to Ado Ekiti as at 10.15pm when we were going to press.

It may appear that the Fayemi is desperately trying to deploy the Aketi strategy despite the earlier developments in the day that seems to have neutralized a lot of his ploy to rig the primary election in cahoot with Ondo State Governor, Mr. Akeredolu and Chairman Oyegun who reportedly has been bribed by the former.

Reporting Live from Ikere Ekiti

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