Ekiti July 14 Election: Fayemi Not Interested in Working with Any Stakeholders – Segun Oni

Apart from the 5 minutes visit he made to him a day after the election. Dr. Fayemi has never called Chief Segun Oni even on phone to discuss any matter relating to the election. It is, however, insulting for the candidate of our party who wants to win election to refuse to meet with the co-contestants but rather sending his aides to hold a meeting with them.



Two weeks ago, on the 12th of May,  2018, the primary election to produce a gubernatorial candidate for our dear party finally took place. Dr. Kayode Fayemi scored the highest vote of about 38 percent of total votes Chief Olusegun Oni came second with 481 votes and Kayode Ojo third with over 200 votes. Other contestants who equally gathered some votes include Rt Hon Bamisile,  Senator Gbenga Aluko, and Dr. Wole Oluyede. Only Senator Ojudu withdrew from the race out of the 33 contestants.

Chief Segun Oni has always demonstrated his loyalty, commitment and dedication to the APC before, during and after May 12, 2018, Ekiti State primary governorship election of the party. As a former Deputy National Chairman (South) of the party, the building of the party for its best interest has always been his preoccupation. At the state level, the unity of the party took a chunk of his time when he organized various meetings at the APC secretariat in Abuja to bring various factions of the party together as one big family. This was his position and predisposition to the party at the national level until he resigned his appointment according to the constitution of Nigeria, the party constitution, and the party election guidelines; to contest the primary election for the Ekiti State 2018 governorship election.

It is to be noted that immediately the result of the primary election was announced and Chief Segun Oni came second even contrary to popular public opinions and expectations, his love and best interest for the party subsumed his personal ambition and interest and he congratulated Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, the declared winner of the primary. The third day, as a follow up to the primary election, Chief Segun Oni addressed a press conference, where he reiterated his postulations borne out of his personal integrity that it is unethical and the height of political and party indiscipline for any aspirant to abandon his political party and pick another, simply because he lost an election. He pledged to remain committed to the APC and directed all his supporters to work for the party.

As a good general who will always see the best interest of his foot and fighting soldiers as a priority, Chief Segun Oni said, he would  love to see his followers  recognized as equal partners in working together to unite the party, fight together to win the July 14 election

We at the Campaign  Organisation of Chief Segun Oni have been waiting and watching events as they unfold since that primary election and we are very worried about the signals we are seeing and witnessing. We are yet to see any reasonable efforts being made by the candidate of the party to assure us that CSO group and many of the other contestants’ groups are needed for the general election.

For instance:

1) immediately following the primary, the President invited the Ekiti State aspirants to the presidency for a dinner. Chief Segun Oni only discovered there, that the south-west leaders were invited, which was a good thing. However, it was a shock to note that Dr. John Kayode Fayemi took about twelve of his supporters with him, a privilege he did not extend to other co-contestants. It is even very ridiculous to hear that Ekiti State party chairman, Chief Jide Awe was not invited, whereas, the party secretary was invited along friends and relatives of Dr. Fayemi. It was after the personal intervention of Chief Segun Oni, that the state party chairman who fortunately happened to be in Abuja at that moment was allowed into the dinner.

Many members of the Segun Oni group are former Senators, members of the House of Representatives, former Speakers of Houses if Assembly and other high ranking members of State Houses of Assembly, former commissioners, and Permanent  Secretaries. These people will ordinarily meet and be listed in the national protocol list. Yet, Dr. Fayemi, the candidate of our party who has been talking of COLLECTIVE RESCUE MISSION did not see any of these aforementioned people, who are members and stakeholders in the APC fit to attend the presidential dinner.

This is like taking his planned division of the party too far and the beginning of building a wall within the party.

As a direct corollary to the above is the very key observation in Ekiti state that the Fayemi group has completely isolated Chief Segun Oni and indeed all the leading contestants as if their input is not required in the coming governorship election which is just 6 weeks away.

It is a verifiable fact in the state that majority of former members of the National and State Assemblies and other arms of governments are leaders and supporters of Segun Oni. All these people are stakeholders and leaders in their respective constituencies but the Fayemi group within the same party have refused to recognise or approach them FOR THE WORK WE ALL NEEDED TO DO FOR THE SUCCESS OF EKITI APC IN JULY 14 ELECTION, rather they are being treated as lepers and even sometimes being lambasted and harassed  for not abandoning Chief Segun Oni who had declared interest to run some 18 months before the election and toe the line of Fayemi when he declared  to run barely one month to the election…

The most worrisome part of this development is that ostracizing supporters of Segun Oni have not just started. It was a campaign issue before and during the primary election…that Segun Oni is a new member of APC and if allowed to win the governorship election, he will bring the PDP members to the party and his government. This was an issue that Segun Oni vehemently denied. Another fault and division line drawn by the Fayemi group and which was a kernel of their campaign was that Segun Oni will leave the APC and join the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Third Force, another tissue of manufactured and unnecessary lie from the pit of hell, which Segun Oni also denied. There is nothing, up to this moment, that Chief Segun Oni has ever said or done, before and after the primary election, to justify their lies and unfounded ugly insinuations.

Now, after the state primary and in spite of the litany of pronouncements in radio stations, TV programs, press interviews, and releases expressing and manifesting the support, commitment and loyalty of Segun Oni to APC, Kayode Fayemi group are not still ready to work with  Chief Segun Oni to win the July 14 governorship election for APC, Dr. Fayemi and his supporters are deliberately building a wall against any form of cooperation with Segun Oni and his supporters as they think and feel they can do it alone.

Another most visible manifestation of this was that he Fayemi has refused to discuss any of his plans with chief Segun Oni on how he wants him to join hands with him for a successful election.

Apart from the 5 minutes visit he made to him a day after the election. Dr. Fayemi has never called even on phone to discuss any matter relating to the election. It is, however, insulting for the candidate of our party who wants to win election to refuse to meet with the co-contestants but rather sending his aides to hold a meeting with them. It is also disheartened seeing the candidate of our party sidetracking the spokesperson of the contestants and using his own personal aides to be summoning them to meetings,  which meetings he himself did not attend.

It is laughable that up until this moment not a leader of the Segun Oni group has been contacted by those in the Fayemi group. And we are all ready to work but they are not willing to engage  us

The main crux of this release,  nevertheless, is another information which is currently trending in nooks, corners, crannies and political joints in Ekiti now, that Candidate Fayemi doesn’t even need any political support from Segun Oni and his group and from any co-contestant for that matter because he will use Federal Might to win the July 14 governorship election. And by Federal Might,  they are mentioning the use of photochromic ballot papers and the deployment of federal money,  military, paramilitary, security agencies and police to deal with all opposition parties and those they consider opposition within APC group, snatch victory even from the jaw of death.

At this point, where there is no inclusiveness, no information, no trust, and confidence; rumors and beer parlor gossips take preeminence. Even though we don’t subscribe to this dangerous rumor, but come to think of it, the danger of an allegation is not whether it is true or not but that it was made at all. If an aspirant ran round 16 local governments of the state in just four days where some had been on the field for two years and yet the 4day aspirant won an election against 32 others. And the same aspirant, now a candidate came into the race bragging as the anointed candidate of the president and then went ahead and won the election. And if the supporters of the same “presidential candidate” are again boasting about the use of photochromic ballot paper and Federal Might as a reason they do not need the support of Segun Oni or any other major contestants because they “can do it alone” with Federal Might, many are fearing the likely consequences of such action immediately before, during and after the election.

Some are already predicting an unintended but likely consequence and a repeat of the history, when Federal Might was used in the unfortunate Governorship election of 1983 in Ondo State between NPN/UPN Omoboriowo/Ajasin and the ugly reactions and imbroglios with the trademark of looting, burning, killing, tears and blood. Ekiti people don’t want this and we surely don’t want it.

As a loyal and committed members of the APC, the only political family we have, Chief Segun Oni and his supporters find the current trending within the Ekiti APC very disturbing, disheartening and discouraging. We have been supporting and campaigning for Governor Fayemi since his 2014 reelection bid. We have been praying for his success as a minister since his appointment, yet a quick flashback doesn’t bring any reciprocity.

For instance, out of about 40 board appointments made under the purview of Dr. Fayemi, about 38 went to his supporters including friends and relations. While a local government of his choice has five appointees, many other local governments in the state didn’t have anyone at all. All the list compiled from the state reflecting the local government representation were discarded by him. We are concerned about our party, the APC and our supporters.

We are using this opportunity to draw the attention of the Ekiti State APC, our South West Leaders and the National Working Committee of our great party, the Presidency, and all other well-wishers and stakeholders of APC, that Ekiti State election of July 14 is the gateway to Osun State election in September this year but most importantly, the 2019 Presidential and other national elections. All hands must, therefore, be on deck to ensure a deserved victory for our party and its candidates. The voice of reason for collective actions and inclusiveness must sound like a trumpet of war. This is not a time to sidetrack a willing partner. It is a time to sit, stand, walk and work together for the good of APC and Ekiti State and people.

For the love of our party and Ekiti State and people, we can’t but sound a note of serious warning, that should any arrogance, pride and personal aggrandizement or selfish interests of an individual or few, the collective interests of all members if APC sabotaged or trampled upon to the extent  that APC loses Ekiti State (God forbid)  to Fayose PDP, we will not  forgive those who might be behind the failure.

Dr. Kayode Fayemi can only win Ekiti State if all hands are on deck to assist  him .He needs to key into the goodwill being enjoyed  by Chief Segun Oni with the people of Ekiti State.  He should  speak to him and to other contestants  and not sending  his aides to them in meetings.He should find time to attend meetings with co-contestants and their groups’ leaders and not to assume  any Federal might/power would come his way under the administration of  President Buhari.

Our loyalty and commitment to our party, Ekiti State, and Nigeria remain unflinching and unwavering.

Thank you all.
Ifeoluwa Arowosoge


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