Ekiti APC Primaries – Voting Procedure & Other Vital Details

Two former governors and three former senators are among 33 governorship aspirants who will be testing their popularity at Saturday’s primaries of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ekiti State. Find below vital details of the election:


1. Venue: Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, Ado Ekiti.
2. Those to be allowed inside: All the aspirants allowed with two persons each, and they will sit inside the soapbox.
3. Each soapbox is also allowed to have two agents each.
4. All the delegates will be accredited. Also to be accredited are journalists and monitors.
5. Three gates lead into the stadium. Each of the gates will be allocated for each of the three Senatorial districts. That is, delegates from two or three senatorial districts will not be allowed to come in through the same gate.
6. Accreditation will start at 8am, while voting proper will start at 12noon.
7. No deceased or absentee delegate can be replaced or represented. It is one vote per one accredited delegate.
8. Once a delegate has voted, he or she will be escorted out. No delegate will be allowed to remain in the stadium after voting.
9. No delegate will be allowed to take his or her phone to the voting point. No snapping of ballot paper.
10. Voting will be done local government by local government, and delegates from each of the local government will be made to drop their thumb printed papers in the same box. Their will be 16 boxes, one for each of the LGAs
11. Ballot papers will be displayed for all the agents to see and agreed on who has been voted for.
12. Counting will be done aloud.
13. Results will be announced by the returning officer after the counting has been completed.

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