Ekiti APC primaries update by Niyi Agunbiade


Engr S. Oni
Kola Alabi
Senator Gbenga Aluko

Unlike Ondo primaries, Ekiti delegates have refused to be camped by any aspirant

Delegates are the newest brides in town, many have picked up monies from multiple camps and have wasted no time in buying toys

One delegate name withheld picked up N1.8mil from the Fayemi camp and has since purchased a N1m Tokunbo ride, as of tonight the vehicle has been seized

Senator Ojudu is fairly more realistic about his chances and isn’t overrating his acceptance, he understands the race is keenly contested and so his strategy is that listen Ekiti this is not a do or die matter for me, whatever happens, you must say NO to Fayemi

Given a scenario where Ekiti south agenda was allowed to hold sway, KA would be an obvious flagbearer but this is not so

So far the most desperate contestant appears to be JKF, feelers reaching us is that the rejection is becoming clearer to him by the hour, fortunately for him he didn’t gamble away his appointment so hopefully he’ll be back to his day job after May the 5th, Akeredolu is doing every thing in his power to stand by a friend, let’s hope he won’t push too hard before he buys himself some problems

So far it’s looking like a slam dunk for Engr Segun Oni, the acceptance is unprecedented, the delegates are fiercely loyal and wear his name proudly on their chests, for a primary election this is very strange, the norm is to hide where your loyalties lie days before the time that way you are more marketable and can attract money as a free agent, not this Oni delegates, Ekiti is hell-bent on rewarding this Omo Luka

Stay tuned with Niyi reporting on the elections from now until the 5th of May

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