Ekiti Academics Back Ojudu for Governor By Bunmi Aborisade

Ekiti indigenes in academics, under the aegis of Ekiti Rebirth Organization Scholars (ERO Scholars), have thrown their weight behind the candidacy of Senator Babafemi Ojudu (SBO), a governorship aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State.


The Ekiti indigenes in academics, who met with SBO on Saturday, March 10, 2018, in Ado Ekiti are from different higher institutions in Ekiti and outside Ekiti State. They said they are supporting the governorship hopeful because of his antecedents as human rights and pro-democracy activist, the seriousness he has shown in the governorship race and the quality of his campaign so far.

Speaking at the meeting, SBO said he plans an all-inclusive government that will include various stakeholders across disciplines. He, therefore, solicited support from members of the academia before, during and after the elections.

He reiterated his wiliness to rescue the State from oppression and impoverishment, stressing that he is on a rescue mission and that his decision to join the gubernatorial race is driven by his determination and motivation to serve his people and not for any personal gains.

The lecturers commended SBO for the initiative to involve the academia in his plans, pointing out that the move is first of its kind in the State. The scholars admonished the governorship aspirants to turn the economic fortunes of the State around and move the State from being a Civil Service State to an Economic State where trade and commerce will thrive.

He was also admonished to look at the strategic failures and successes of former Governor Fayemi and incumbent Governor Fayose of the State and leverage on them for better governance if he eventually becomes the governor of the State.

At the meeting which lasted for hours, various strategies were mapped out to ensure SBO wins his party primary in May and the general election in July. The scholars agreed to throw their weight behind SBO’s candidacy to move the State forward.

It would be recalled that Ekiti State is noted as Fountain of knowledge and the land of Professors; where it is almost a curse for an indigene not to have a degree. Yet, the State never deemed it fit to make use of its numerous academics to address its mirage of problems.

This led to the partnership between the governorship aspirant and Ekiti indigenes in academics to link hands with a view to rebuilding Ekiti State. One of the areas considered in the partnership is how Ekiti academics can research into the problems of the State and proffer lasting solutions.

So, after month’s consultation by SBO with Ekiti indigenes in academics, “ERO Scholars” was born, with a mission to help proffer solutions to the problems facing Ekiti State. “We cannot leave politics to politicians alone. No nation has done that and succeeds. The politician needs the clarity of academics to know where to take the community to.”

“All the achievement of Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the Old Western Region would not have been possible without the input from the academics. There is so much that is wrong with our society that the academics need to help us unraveled and clarify before we can provide the solution.” SBO wrote in his welcome address on ERO Scholars Whatsapp platform, a platform created exclusively for Ekiti indigenes in academics.

With Reports from Lola Oluwasola and Mike Adeoye

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