Breaking! Fayose Plans to Withdraw Eleka from Ekiti Gubernatorial Race


Information reaching us from an unconfirmed source says Fayose is changing  his succession plan.The choice of Eleka, his Deputy, as his anointed appear to be shuddering.

“Governor Fayose’s eleventh-hour ‘Oliver –twist’ change of plan is not unconnected to the perceived APC likely party flag bearer”. The source added.

The likelihood of Ojudu emerging on the fronts of APC has allegedly set the governor apprehensive.

“Ojudu is from Ado, Ekiti Central, which has always recorded 20% of the State’s total voting population. And Eleka, Fayose’s preferred choice, is from Ikere-Ekiti, which has only 5% of the electorates. In the light of this, the choice of Eleka may fail to succeed Fayose’s continuity plans, in the end. As the political arithmetic in favor of Ojudu, voting power from his constituency may depreciate Eleka’s chances at the polls”. The source explained.

If these pieces of information are anything to go by, how would Ekiti people see Fayose? Recall, Fayose has on repeated instances vowed his support for Eleka. And this causes many aspirants to withdraw from the race, as it appears the party’s hell-bent on imposing Eleka.

According to Fayose, Eleka is the one and only God-chosen among an army of other aspirants. If Fayose now changes stand in a ‘maradonic’ fashion, in the nick of time, will this not make Fayose appear to be tricky inconsistent, to Ekiti people?

More details later, stay tuned.

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