It has come to our notice that Chief Awe, the state chairman of APC in Ekiti State,  who recently returned from exile after he has been pardoned for allegedly killing an innocent woman in his Erijiyan hometown is now in cahoots with Governor Fayose to install a governor of his choice in Ekiti State.

For three years Awe was on the run from the law. Suddenly the government of Fayose which is never known to be reasonable came out three weeks ago and pardoned Awe as well as freed some accomplices of his who have been in jail for close to three years. Many watchers of Ekiti politics wondered why this generosity from Fayose.

It didn’t take too long to know that a deal has taken place between Awe and Fayose. Within two days of his release, he was on Adaba FM lambasting Gov. Fayemi, the man who made him and pouring invectives on him. We were still wondering why he did so until investigations have revealed that that was a product of a web of conspiracies and deals between Fayose, Awe and his nephew Oye Ojo who was equally declared wanted for the Erijiyan murder by Fayose.

Security sources indicated that the trio had been discussing and negotiating for three months before they finally struck a deal. The deal was that Awe will be pardoned, the government will enter a nulle prosequi while those in prison awaiting trial will be released.

When Awe is freed, he will rubbish Governor Fayemi and ensure he mobilizes the state Exco of the party against Fayemi. Fayemi and Fayose have been involved a political enmity that guarantees one or the other a stint in prison depending on where the political pendulum swings. For it to swing in Fayose’s Favour Awe is key because he has control of the state executive of the party and he has since been doing exactly that. What is in this for Fayose?

Awe who used to be DG of Segun Oni’s campaign Organization will give support to Oni and in return, Oni will sign an agreement not to probe Fayose or try him for the countless criminal activities committed by Fayose in his first and second coming.

Fayemi and his Former Attorney General Are said to keep a file on this. The deal also provides for Oye Ojo who is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s son in law to become Deputy Governor to Oni and subsequently governor should there be an accident or at the end of Oni’s four-year term.

The deal security sources hinted has been consummated with Awe playing his role and Fayose opening up Ekiti purse for Oni’s campaign. A source in Fayemi’s camp told our reporter that his boss has the details of the deal some of which are contained in call logs and exchange of text messages. The same Awe, the source hinted, has been fingered in the Elongation Scandal that entails the payment of N10m each to the state chairmen of the APC to support elongation and wrong foot President Buhari and make his return for the second term a mirage. Our source revealed the money was shared at an NPA guest house in Abuja and signed.

The source also revealed that the Buhari boys have a copy of the document signed by every Chairman who was paid and have given a copy to Mr. President. It is believed that Awe, Fayose, and Oni has concluded a plan to hand over the party of progressives to PDP in Ekiti with these contrivances.

His first move if he loses is also discussing a decamp to split progressive votes.

Dr. Fayemi, a strategist and war expert with a huge war chest has however vowed to fight with all arsenal at his disposal to stop them in their track.


A reporter reporting live from Iyin-Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria.

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