Ahead of APC Primary: Memo to Ado Super Delegates by Dr. Bunmi Aborisade


This memo is to set the record straight about the people of Ado Ekiti, their Super delegates and their local delegates who will decide the fate of about 33 APC aspirants on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Out of the aspirants jostling for the APC ticket, only one is from Ado Ekiti-Senator Babafemi Ojudu. In the past weeks, many uncomplimentary remarks have been made about the people of Ado Ekiti and their delegates in APC simply because of the doubt in the minds of some people whether Ado delegates will support their son or not.

If the authors of these remarks know the people of Ado very well, they would have known that “Ibi k’Ado mi do ni, an mibe i a ni”, they would have perished their remarks. If the Ewi of Ado were to be a delegate in the Saturday primary, it is obvious he will vote for his son.

The aphorisms of “Ado nan ti a j’Ewi” and “Omo eni ko sedi bebere” are very clear on the position of Ewi at times like this. We all know that and other Obas know that too. Come what may, Ado sons and daughter will always embrace their own to ensure the interest of Ado reigns supreme. Ado people may be very controversial, no-nonsense people, they know what they want and they always go for it, and always get it.

So, if Ado people know you are a genuine son or daughter of Ado seeking a political position, you can be sure of their support, but if you are a fake Ado person, you are on your own. That is the character of a typical Ado person for you.

A quick reflection on Ado Super Delegates:

Professor Modupe Adelabu: Regardless of what people say about her today, and the side she belongs, one thing we cannot take away from her is that she is an Ado princess and she will always ensure Ado interest is not subsumed any day anytime on the altar of political expediency. She earned our respect when she rejected the offer of deputy governorship. I don’t see her going against Ado interest; I don’t want to dwell on that too much, she cannot go against her brother. The implication of doing so will be too huge for her as an Ado princess.

Chief Bisi Egbeyemi: I call him Ado ‘irredentist’. To him, it is Ado first before any other thing. He is a politician after my heart. He never abandons his law practice for politics. When it is time for politics, he is always on the field unlike those who see politics as their full-time job. When some people said he went to Abuja to lobby to be deputy governor, I laughed and said deputy to who? I stand to be corrected; Chief Egbeyemi is above governorship not to talk of being deputy governor.

Hon Ayodele Jinadu: Very articulate and unassuming. He is a professor in the heads of some of us who appreciate his intellectual profundity. His commitment to Ado Progressive Union is a good testimony to his love for Ado and its development. One should not be in doubt as to his support for this historic journey towards the emergence of Ado son as the next governor of the Ekiti State. Like other genuine Ado sons and daughters, my big brother will not fail his land of birth which he labored for over the years. He will surely do the needful when the time comes.

Tope Olanipekun: That is my brother. Weather-beaten Tugere, who will always stand by his own brother come rain come shine. We were in the same class at Ikere College of Education in the early 80s. He was in his late teens while I was in my early 20s. Ordinarily, one would have expected that I was going to be the one to protect him and look out him as a junior brother to me; rather, Tugere was the one looking out for me and protect me. As one of the oldest in the class, if any of our classmates called me by name, Tugere would call the person to order. He would tell the person that is my brother from Ado and that you cannot be rude to him. He was always visible on campus with his Michael Jackson hairstyle, and black suit and everybody knew he is from Ado Ekiti.

In his political life, he has demonstrated his love for Ado and its development. He will surely demonstrate this during the APC primary come May 5. 2018.


Sunday Ibitoye: His name is a household one in Ado today. As the mover of the historic motion when Senator Babafemi Ojudu was adopted by Ado Local Government APC as the sole aspirant for the APC ticket, I don’t see him going back on this noble cause, having written his name in gold. He will surely do Ado proud at the primary. There is no doubt about that.

Papa Adetola: I choose to call Papa a Super Delegate because of his connection among Ado sons and daughters. Very influential among Ado politicians at the grassroots and he knows how to make things happen. Last year, I was invited to Ekiti State University to help resolve the crisis in the “Kegite Club” when they wanted to pick a new “kegite” Chief. I was a Chief of “Kegite” of the University about 30 years ago, and I have lost touch with the club. So, I called on Papa to chair the reconciliation meeting of the club and he did a good job, and a new Chief emerged. There is no doubt that Papa’s political sagacity will come to play to ensure Ado indigene emerges on May 5, 2018, primary and eventually at the general election.

These are the synopses of the Ado Ekiti Super Delegates who are on the verge of writing their names in gold as a people who placed the interest of their land of birth above politics, and we shall all be grateful to them. They will lead other delegates to ensure Ado came out victorious on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

There are two possibilities after the Saturday primary: If our son came out victorious, we shall all queue behind the Ewi of Ado as he waives his horsetail thanking the delegates and congratulating the rest of us for the job well done or we all begin to name those who betray Ado and hand them over to “Emilale Ado” for justice.

No doubt we will all go for the first possibility.

Bunmi Aborisade is from Olokuta Street (Small GRA), off Mathew Street; Odo Ado, Ado Ekiti.

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